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The project involves a comprehensive study of the site of the city of Troizen. mapThe work began in 2012 and continues. The construction of a total map of the ancient site using a range of non-invasive survey strategies will be produced by end of 2016.

The survey of the site involves the locating, identification, dating, drawing, photographing, measuring and mapping of major features of the site. Features of the site include walls, building structures, stone and other materials. Many of these features were included in a study by Gabriel Welter (1940) but many other features were not.

The survey and mapping has used the latest available technical infrastructure including satellite positioning and mapping equipment, photographic and computer enhancement technology and a range of below ground detection devises.

The survey will not involve any excavation and will not involve the collection or removal of any materials from the site, while at the same time a catalogue of stray finds continues to be compiled.

Participants in the project include eminent and experienced archaeologists, historians, geographers, economic historians and anthropologists who are experienced in consolidation, conservation, protection and publication of the finds from archaeological projects.

Plotting the course of the upper city east west wall

Plotting the course of the upper city east west wall


Troizen Archaeology Study 2012 -2016
* Troizen Historic Background
* Maps of Troizen
* Photo Gallery
* Troizen Study Outcomes

Contact: David Hill Troizen Project Manager
Linda Atkinson Troizen Project Research and Archives