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2012 List of Photos to Match Features of Troizen

PHOTOS 2012 to match the features for troizen

Gallery 1 Acropolis upper east side fortification
Gallery 1. Acropolis north east end
Gallery 1 Acropolis fortification east end
Gallery 1 From acropolis looking north west
Gallery 2 Foundations at site of Pan sanctuary according to Welter
Gallery 2 Foundation on site of Pan according to Welter
Gallery 3 Foundations of Temple Aphrodite sanctuary
Gallery 3 Wall at south side Aphrodite sanctuary
Gallery 4 Isis -location not yet confirmed
Gallery 5 Demeter – location not yet confirmed
Gallery 6 Poseidon- location not yet confirmed
Gallery 7 Section of upper east-west wall, possibly archaic
Gallery 8 Section of lower western city wall
Gallery 9 Foundations of tower, lower east city wall
Gallery 10 Tower and continuation of east-west wall (Diateichisma)
Gallery 11. Alignment of centre of northern city wall as identified by Welter
Gallery 11 Ancient road. From north city wall looking south to the Acropolis
Gallery 12 Temple of the Muses – roman baths
Gallery 13 Agora and town centre –photo to follow
Gallery 14 Sanctuary Artemis- photo to follow
Gallery 15 Theatre – location not yet confirmed
Gallery 16 Northern part of city – photo to follow
Gallery 17 Devils Gorge bridge and aqueduct(s)
Gallery 18 Asklepios sanctuary outside western walls